Off the back of Once and Begin Again, John Carney's managed to make the music film a thing again and it's genuinely great to see.

When we think back to the likes of The Commitments, Dublin has always had a strong connection to music on film and that's only made stronger with Sing Street. Set in '80s Ireland at the height of New Wave, Ska and New Romantics, a young boy (Ferdia Walsh-Peelo) is forced out of his private school by the economic recession and sent to public school.

To escape his family life, he decides to set up a band to win the affection of a girl and make a music video in the heart of Dublin with the help of his older brother, played by Jack Reynor. Sing Street will premiere at this year's Audi Dublin International Film Festival on February 18th and will premiere across the country on March 18th. 

Check out the first trailer.