We're just going to call this Love / Hate: The Hipster Years and be done with it. That OK with everyone?

Everyone's favourite criminal duo, Fran and Tommy, are back with a new Irish film that feels like it was taken straight from our own lives. Sort of.

Peter Coonan plays a working singer / songwriter whilst Killian Scott is a stand-up comedian who's working towards his big break.

When Coonan finds out that his girlfriend is pregnant, he begins to have doubts about his ability to be a father and toys with the idea of leaving Ireland for good.

As well as a soundtrack by Conor 'Villagers' O'Brien for the trailer, the film itself will feature Mik Pyro from Republic of Loose (where'd they go?), Adrian Crowley and Lisa O'Neill as well as a host of Irish acting talent besides.

Get Up And Go lands in cinemas on May 1st.