It's worth pointing out that this is not John Wick with a woman, but a totally different thing.

Sure, it might have the same director - David Leitch - and it might be about a super-assassin seeking revenge, but it's definitely not John Wick or Joan Wick or any variation on that. So, yeah, making that point very, very clear.

Charlize Theron plays a super-assassin who's tasked with finding and destroying a spy ring in Berlin just before the fall of the Berlin Wall. Whilst there, she's forced to team up with the local MI6 chief, played by James McAvoy, and murder her way through the city.

The story itself is based on a graphic novel written by Anthony Johnston called The Coldest City, and it marks David Leitch's first solo director credit without Chad Stohelski. It's also rumoured that Leitch got the gig directing Deadpool 2 off the back of rushes from this, so it's definitely got a few things going for it.

Take a look.