Amy Schumer is, for us, one of the funniest comedians working today - male or female.

So, it's only right that she should be leading one of the big comedies of this summer. Trainwreck sees Schumer as a high-flying journalist (aren't we all) who freely rejects the idea of monogamy and long-term relationships. When she's sent to interview a famous sports surgeon (Bill Hader), she does what comes naturally. However, in a twist of events for her, the doctor begins to pursue her.

Featuring appearances by John Cena, LeBron James and probably a whole host of sports star cameos, Trainwreck looks like it could be this year's Bridesmaids. Except with, y'know, lots more sex and sports cameos.

Judd Apatow's last effort, This Is 40, didn't exactly bowl over audiences but we think he might be on to something with this.

Here's the trailer. Let us know what you think!