"Welcome to the Spanish Inquisition."

Indeed the film doesn't seem to wander too far from the gaming series, but it does seem to focus on one period of in time - that being the aforementioned - instead of any other moments of historical importance as seen in the games. In short, it looks pretty bleedin' epic. 

Fassbender had previously stated that the film would be shirking CGI effects for real stunts. Speaking of the sets, he previously said there are "stunt guys jumping across buildings in Valletta. We’ve got (stunt performer) Damian Walters doing a 120-foot leap of faith, without any rope, into a bag, so it’s pretty incredible to see."

The film - directed by Justin Kurzel and also starring Brendan Gleeson, Marion Cotillard, Jeremy Irons, and Michael Kenneth Williams - is set for release next December (21st). So only another few months to wait.