Jason Momoa is looking as cool underwater as he does on dry land.

Director Zack Snyder has been busy working away on Justice League. Today is the Batman v Superman helmer’s birthday but he’s still working away on the project.

Though it's his birthday, Snyder has been generous enough to bequeath a gift onto DC fans by sharing a brief sneak peek at the film. Though it’s very short and not crystal clear in quality, it’s super exciting and definitely impresses:


Although Aquaman has appeared in previous trailers, this is the first times Snyder has highlighted the upcoming film's underwater sequences.

Fans are speculating that it is Ocean Master, or Orm, Arthur Curry’s (Aquaman’s) Atlantean half-brother and foe, who the hero is swimming up to in the clip. Patrick Wilson has been cast in the role.

We also got a look at Aquaman underwater in last year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – here’s a reminder:


Justice League hits theatres November 17th 2017 while Aquaman’s solo feature is due out October 5th, 2018.