Look, it's Fast & Furious and it's the eighth film. Explosions are mandatory at this stage.

In fact, could you even imagine a F&F film WITHOUT explosions? It just wouldn't work. Explosions and cars are part and parcel of it. Hell, you could dress Vin Diesel in a Victorian costume, get Richard Curtis to direct it and as long as it had cars and explosions, it'd still be Fast & Furious.

You could call it Furious 9: Pride & Prejudice & Nitrous Oxide. Universal, if you're reading this, we have a script treatment ready to go on this. Get in touch.

Back to the video. This footage, captured by Kasey Crabtree in Cleveland, Ohio, shows huge explosions downtown and actual real-life cars being fired out of a carpark.

Take a look.

It's pretty interesting that director F. Gary Gray is opting for in-camera effects instead of using CGI for the whole thing. One of the complaints we had about Furious 7 was the fact that some of the car chases looked like they were particularly fake. OK, sure, that part when Vin Diesel drives the Lamborghini off a building and into another building was definitely CGI.

However, there were a few moments that did look a bit ropey. It's great to see a return to practical effects in general and that Fast & Furious is following suit.

Furious 8 lands in cinemas worldwide on April 12, 2017.


Via YouTube