Earlier this week we had the opportunity to meet up with a few key cast and crew members of one of the most-talked about movies of the year, Robocop.

We had a few minutes to sit down and speak to the movie's director Jose Padilha, the new tin-man Joel Kinnaman (of The Killing fame), Robocop's missus played by Abbie Cornish, and the man who brings Detective Murphy back from the brink of death, a genius played by the legendary Gary Oldman.

We talked about everything from the problems with remakes, dealing with the Hollywood studio system, the current global political climate, playing a modern-day Viktor Frankenstein, post traumatic stress disorder, and what we'd like to see in Robocop 2.

They all seemed aware that they're involved in a highly charged, intelligent movie, and loved talking up the moral and ethical quandaries within the movie.

Watch our interviews with the rest of the cast and Jose Padilha over yonder.