At long last, Richard Curtis' About Time has hit these Emerald shores. Starring our very own Domnhall Gleeson who's on the cusp of a major upgrade to the big leagues (he's working with Angelina Jolie next) and the always breathtaking Rachel McAdams.

I've expressed my complete adoration for this movie more than once now, so I'll hand it over to Rory's review to do the talking. He gives it 5 stars, and if you've a penchant for stories that tug at your heart strings, you'll soon understand why it's deserving of each and every star.

As it hits Irish cinema screens today, we've got an exclusive clip from the movie to share with you. Consider it a teaser to whet your apetite, and then get thee to the nearest cinema!

Also, stay tuned to these here movie pages as we'll be bringing you an exclusive interview with one of the most down to Earth lads in showbusiness, Domhnall Gleeson (of course), before the week is out. He is a true gent, but don't attempt to compare him to 'the next Hugh Grant'!