“Sally forth and tally ho with Wes Anderson, whose style is so specific, he is basically his own genre.”

Screen Junkies have done it again, perfectly capturing the essence that is every Wes Anderson movie in their latest installment of Honest Trailers.

Looking at eight movies from the quirky director – Bottle Rocket, Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, The Darjeeling Limited, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Moonrise Kingdom, and The Grand Budapest Hotel – the ‘trailer’ reflects how each film has “more whimsy than a lovestruck cub scout dancing in his underwear to a Lakeside record player.”

It also rightly points out that the (always male) protagonist tends to be “an emotionally stunted man suffering from a vague bout of ingénue”, while the films share in common overhead shots of objects, oil paintings, stage plays, funerals, uniforms, graveyards, moving vehicles, face punches, facial wounds, zooms, slow motion walking, shots of writing, shots of typewritten letters, whip pans, old timey telephones, etc. etc. You get the gist.

Check it out: