We're not even through with 2013 yet and already the Oscar buzz has begun. As 2014 approaches, we wave goodbye to last year's divisive host Seth MacFarlane and wave hello to someone we predict will please the masses, Ellen Degeneres.

Placed front and centre in the first Oscars trailer, Ellen shows us what she's made of, in a penguin suit, singing and dancing (and if you've watched her show you'll be well aware that this lady cannot resist the urge to dance). Hurrah! Nothing like a bit of old fashioned showbiz to whet our apetite for the longest running ceremony in Tinsel Town.

This promo finds Bridesmaids director Paul Feig at the helm and it's really rather enjoyable.

Commenting on Feig's work, Degeneres said: "Paul Feig has a reputation of being hilarious and nice and smart and I thought this was a great idea. I loved it. And I want to be in Bridesmaids 2, so two plus two - great Oscar promo, Bridesmaids 2, cher-ching!"

Will Ellen play it safe as she takes to the stage? Or will she revel in the opportunity to poke fun at those she's got no choice but to be super nice to all year long?

We wait with bated breath.