He's played a tooth fairy and The Scorpion King but now Dwayne Johnson is going undercover for new crime thriller Snitch, playing a father whose teenage son takes the fall for a major drug operation. Bet'cha he didn't listen to his daddy!

Snitch sees The Rock striking a deal with Susan Sarandon that might just get his young fella out of the slammer: He'll go undercover as an informant, a snitch if you will, in return for his son's freedom. But can he convince the drug dealers that he's one of their own and do enough to get his boy out without blowing his own cover? Oh please, it's The Rock. We're not too worried.

Directed by former stunt man Ric Roman Waugh and co-starring Nadine Velazquez, Harrold Perrineau and Barry Pepper, Snitch hits cinemas in the US on 22 February 2013 with an Irish release date expected soon after.