Donald Trump can go f**k himself, to be honest.

Yes, the US Republican Party's potential presidential candidate has outdone himself yet again by taking a good swipe at an offhand comment Barack Obama made during one of his many press conferences about heading off to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Trump's media team decided that there was an opening for ridiculing the leader of the free world for seeing one of the most hotly anticipated films of the decade and came up with this attack ad.

Incidentally, the screening Obama was referring to was for the families of fallen soldiers that both he and his wife, Michelle Obama, were hosting at the White House.

Nice job, Trump. You tosser.

Take a look.


We need a real President!

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Again, we'd like to reiterate our opening line and say that Donald Trump can go f**k himself. Taking aim at a politician for liking a film AND screening it for the families of dead soldiers?

You were in Home Alone 2, Donald Trump. And your character found a child alone in New York and didn't report it to the authorities.

You are a monster.


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