With August already upon us (it's tomorrow, holy shazbot; how fast did that go?), that means the release date for Richard Curtis's romantic comedy/drama starring our very own Domhnall Gleeson, About Time, draws that bit closer. Squee!

But this is no ordinary romcom. Every year we're subjected to a plethora of mediocre offerings within this genre that rob from the more definitive and financially successful romcoms of days gone by, regurgitating the same tropes and storylines ad nauseum. Boy meets girl, they fall in love, something shit happens, it looks as though it's all going to hit the fan, then it doesn't, and it's all OK (throw in some rain or an airport's departure hall for good measure). Pass me the sick bucket. Just swap the lead names around and you've pretty much got a rinse and repeat formula for chick flicks.

Then you get the odd gem, such as About Time, that recruits someone as charming and likeable without being annoyingly handsome as Domhnall Gleeson to walk you through a two-hour, sure-fire crowd-pleaser, you add in some Rachel McAdams whose charm should be bottled and sold the world over and hey presto, you have a winner. Oh and some Bill Nighy too. Any amount of Bill Nighy is always good.

We've got a brand new trailer for About Time for you to enjoy right here. Pen September 4th into your diary and leave your cynical side at the door; this movie asks you to suspend disbelief as it works a time travel element into the mix. Ps: You might want to stock up on some Kleenex too.