You may or may not have already seen this, but here it is in its official form - the ComicCon footage of Deadpool that went viral earlier in the week.

Apparently, the footage was made sometime in 2012 and done as a 'proof of concept' - remember that short teaser they did for Tron: Legacy? Same idea - it's used to sell it to prospective film studios and producers.

Anyway, the footage was passed around on a few sites but kept getting taken down. Now it looks like Blur Studios - the VFX studio behind the footage - have officially released it for all to see.

And what a sight it is. Long-time Deadpool fans will know that Ryan Reynolds has been a staunch supporter of the project and the fact that it needs to be R-rated.

However, producer Lauren Shuler Donner admits that trying to get an R-rated superhero movie made on the budget it needs is extremely tough work. After 2012's critically-lauded Dredd flopped at the box office, studios were no longer willing to gamble on something like Deadpool.

Considering the huge response this footage got from all quarters, it looks like this may soon be a reality. Here it is.