Daniel Radcliffe's been having an interesting career post-Harry Potter.

Although Horns was something of a disappointment, The Woman In Black was a pretty decent gothic horror and Swiss Army Man - even with its incredibly weird premise - has been getting some interesting reviews, to say the least. What's been interesting, overall, is just how different each role has been from one to the next.

Imperium, however, looks a step towards slightly more conventional films. Radcliffe plays an FBI agent who's sent in to infiltrate a group of hardcore neo-Nazis who are planning a terrorist attack somewhere in the United States. Whilst there, Radcliffe has to bring himself fully into the fold to earn their trust and, in doing so, begins to lose part of himself in the process.

From the trailer, it looks like it's going to be pretty intense and we haven't see Radcliffe looking this compelling in quite a while.

Take a look.  Imperium is scheduled for a September 16th release in Ireland.