"Odd", "quirky" - just some of the words Today Show host Savannah Guthrie had to describe 'The Lobster' when Colin enquired how she got on watching it the previous night...

For those unaware of the Cannes Jury Award winning film's plot, Farrell portrays a man who must find love in 45 days - or he’ll turn into an animal. When Olivia Colman (yes, she is in everything) asks him what animal he wishes to morph into, he says a Lobster, because they get to live into their hundreds (if they don't get eaten in the interim), are blue blooded, and - you know - why not. 

Highlights from the below interview include Colin stating that - if forced to mutate into an animal if he was single - he would prefer to become a falcon than a "bottom-feeding crustacean"; some details regarding the When Harry Potter prequel; and Guthrie's face when - in a bid to sell The Lobster - Farrell muses: "Say in the 70s in Ireland, if you were a 30-year-old - particularly a woman - and if you were single, people would've thought you had a disease - you know what I mean?"

How times have changed!