Christian Bale, in all honesty, doesn't need to work again.

After completing the Dark Knight trilogy and picking himself up a hefty cheque for services rendered, Bale's pretty much free to do whatever film he likes.

So how does he celebrate this fact? By starring a mind-bending character drama about Hollywood excesses with Cate Blancett and Natalie Portman and the whole thing's directed by Terence Malick.

The trailer - which tells us absolutely nothing other than Hollywood's full of good-looking people and nothing's really - shows off the impressive cast and Malick's unique eye for visuals and cinematography.

Initial thoughts? Our minds are still cooking from 2011's Tree of Life, so something like this is bound to put it back on the frying pan.

Sure, it's got an impressive cast and it looks beautiful - but does that matter if we don't even know what's going on?

Malick fans will turn up for this, but everyone else will probably be put off by the dense subject matter.

Take a look for yourself!