One of the most interesting aspects of the new Star Wars trilogy is how it's been received in Asia, where the previous films were never released before.

The Force Awakens performed reasonably well in China, but it seems as though Disney and Lucasfilm are preparing to give it a major push as a China-exclusive trailer has gone online with never-before-seen footage tacked on at the end. It doesn't reveal much in terms of plot, but it does give us a proper look at the casino world Canto Bight and what we're guessing is some kind of horse-racing-thingy that goes off the rails.

Not only that, we also get a few more shots of that huge ground battle on Crait which looks an awful lot like the ground battle on Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back.

Either way, it's new footage and if you've been clawing for more footage, here's your fix.



Via YouTube