Although Overboard is one of those great '80s comedies and demonstrated the natural, undeniable chemistry that exists between Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, there's no denying that it's all a little... off when you look at from the current perspective.

Essentially, it's Kurt Russell kidnapping a woman so she can be his live-in, domestic slave. It's the same with Seven Brides For Seven Brothers or even Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Sure, you can laugh and clap along with it, but it's only after that you think, "Oh no, this isn't actually right."

Anyway, all that aside, this trailer for the completely ill-advised and unnecessary remake of Overboard is just plain awful and it's ruining Christmas Eve for us. Anna Faris, we know you're going through some stuff in your personal life and maybe working on any old crap is the way to deal with it, but come on - this is just awful.

Also, why is Eva Longoria in this? It's all awful. Watch it or don't, who cares at this stage.