It's quite evident that Cameron Crowe needs a hit.

After (gulp) We Bought A Zoo gave everyone a case of diabetes with its pure, unadulterated schmaltziness, Crowe is clearly trying to right the ship and get himself back to making intelligent dramas.

Or maybe not.

Aloha sees Bradley Cooper as a successful military contractor who, after having a mini-breakdown, returns to Hawai'i on business and to tour one of his greatest achievements - namely the US Space Program in Honolulu. There, he reunites with his old flame, Rachel McAdams, whilst also striking up a relationship with the Air Force liason - Emma Stone - that's been assigned to watch him.

Alec Baldwin, Bill Murray, Danny McBride, John Krasinski star in this ensemble cast. Like much of Crowe's work of late, there's a huge amount of teeth-rotting sweetness here and long looks across beautiful landscapes.

That said, is it not a bit weird that the story is about a private military contractor? Aren't they, like, always the baddies in film?

Anyway, here's the trailer. Aloha lands in Irish cinemas in September 5th.