Over a decade ago two furry little creatures hit our screens and made monsters more lovable than any other film since with the creation of Monsters, Inc.This year the latest sequel is ready to give the furry creatures the comeback they deserve with Monsters University. This time around, the Pixar film tells the story of Sully and Mike in their college years, and how their mighty friendship was born.

Though the movie is as family-centered as always, this latest development may well suit college students down to a T as director Dan Scanlon states it is aimed at capturing the college feel and the mayhem of those years with it's party scenes galore. Beer pong, campus security and disco balls. Need we say more?

To accompany the flick, the college themed score will include Swedish House Mafia, heavy metal music such as Mastodon and more. Pixar favourite Randy Newman (songwriter-singer of Toy Story's theme song) is also set to return. Watch the exclusive clip here.