Bill Burr, if you're reading this, you'll always have a job here reviewing films.

As well as talking about whatever comes into his mind, Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast also crosses over into films from time to time. What's always good about Burr is that he makes no secret of what he loves or hates about a film; it's not just a passive experience for him.

One particular podcast focused on him rewatching Goodfellas - arguably Martin Scorsese's greatest work - and him talking about how perfect the film was and more than a few observations from the film. With that, YouTuber / editor Allen Palin edited Bill Burr's audio to clips from Goodfellas to illustrate his points.

Take a look and be warned, it's NSFW.

While yeah, it is true that the ending was a direct homage to The Great Train Robbery, it's just as likely that it had a double-meaning with what Burr said. Think of it like this.

The entire final sequence of Goodfellas is all shots of Ray Liotta pointing to those he's ratting out and, at the end, it's him smirking at the camera whilst Joe Pesci blasts right down the lens.

It's Ray Liotta's character laughing at Joe Pesci's spirit from beyond the grave. He survived and is now eking out a meager existence and eating egg noodles and ketchup for the rest of his life.

That's how we always read the ending of it, anyway, and Bill Burr seems to agree with us. What did you make of the ending of Goodfellas?

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