Watching this trailer, all we could think about was Entourage and Billy Walsh freaking out at the Cannes premiere.

Anyone who watches Entourage will know what we're talking about.

Anyhoo, Benicio Del Toro stars as the infamous Colombian drug lord, whose young niece falls in love with Californian surfer Josh Hutcherson.

Escobar's brutal regime in rural Colombia is somewhat kept from Hutcherson, who is slowly brought into Escobar's web.

Initial thoughts? Well aside from the whole Entourage thing, this looks sorta uninteresting.

Escobar is a huge character and we're certain Del Toro can pull it off. However, there's no real sense of action or danger, instead it comes across as a cheapish-looking indie flick that has a big story.

A story like Escobar's needs a big budget and a big director. From what we've seen, Paradise Lost has neither. In fact, it's directed by a first-timer called Andrea Di Stefano - who starred in Life of Pi. As a priest. 

Right so.

Escobar: Paradise Lost is in US cinemas from January 2015.

No Irish release date has been set as yet.