Ah Armageddon. Is there a more quintessential Michael Bay movie?

If you've never seen the movie, the plot basically centers around the premise of a team of oil drillers who train to be astronauts so they can drill a hole in a massive asteroid that's heading for earth. Believe it or not the film is actually more daft than we've just described. 

Anyways, one gaping plot hole that always hung over the film is the idea that it would be easier to train a team of astronauts to drill a hole than it would be to train oil drillers to be astronauts. Something even on of the film's stars Ben Affleck raised with director Michael Bay during production. Affleck recounted the conversation in the film's DVD commentary which has only recently resurfaced online and it's hilarious in its honesty. 

You'd wonder how the DVD's producers let this slide considering Affleck basically picks apart the movie's whole premise but we're glad they did.   Affleck's entire commentary is actually a goldmine. There's a section where he does mock voices for stunt men.   

And then there's this bit where he discusses how he was nearly cut out of the movie entirely which would have made it a vastly different film. 

Here's hoping he'll be just as honest in the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice DVD commentary!