No stranger to criticism, (sorry Ben, we hate to keep bringing up Gigli but it really was shockingly bad) Ben Affleck has come out to say that he's taking all the backlash surrounding his Batman casting on the chin. That chin sure has its uses. Having already struck gold with his Oscar win and global critical acclaim following his string of directorial delights, Affleck now admits that he can handle just about anything.

Having the bants on the Jimmy Fallon show, Ben revealed how the studio (Warner Brothers) braced him for the inevitable furore:

"The people from the studio were like 'We're thrilled... and listen we want to talk to you because people go through this process and it can be a little trying'... they said, 'We want to show you some of the reactions that past cast members have got on the internet'."

How does he handle it when a psychotic Batman fan utters something along the lines of "Kill him!"?

"I'm a big boy. If I can handle an Emmy snub, I can handle anything.... I handle s**t, you know what I mean - I'm very tough. So I saw the announcement, I look at the first comment and it's like, 'Ben Affleck is going to be Batman' and the first one goes, 'Noooooooo!'"

Watch Fallon's interview with Affleck here and let's ease off the gas on poor Ben, he'll hardly botch it. Right?