It’s pretty universally known at this point that Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, released last summer, did not go down well with critics (Mel Gibson recently called the film ‘a piece of sh*t’). In spite of that, the film made $873.3m in the box office and by industry standards, that’s a success.

The poor reception the film got sparked a rather hilarious series of ‘sad Affleck’ videos on Youtube but as Fox 5 interviewer Kevin McCarthy points out, nobody asked Affleck what he actually thought of the film.

McCarthy expressed being a big fan of the movie and told Affleck in an interview with the actor for his new film The Accountant, that he has seen the superhero movie four times.

Affleck pointed out that Batman V Superman remains the most-watched movie he’s ever done, and that he personally liked the darker tone of it.

Here’s the Fox 5 interview: