2016 certainly wasn't short on sci-fi offerings. 

With new installments from Star Wars and Trek, as well as a space romance starring two of the biggest  movie stars on the planet, sci-fi fans were able to get their fill last year. 

For many though, the standout sci-fi of the year was Denis Villeneuve's Arrival. Anchored by a performance that could net a Best Actress Oscar for Amy Adams, Arrival is cropping up in plenty of critic' "Best Of" lists. 

One of the best things about the film in our opinion is its understated use of CGI. As the below video highlights, there are a lot more special effects shots in the film than you'd think but they're never flashy or unnecessary. It's a smart and efficient use of technology to improve on what's already been captured in production. 

Arrival - Making Of - Oblique FX from OBLIQUE FX on Vimeo.