A large part of what made the Assassin's Creed game franchise so iconic was the leap of faith jumps that the main characters could make.

It was a pretty special feature to be able to climb to the highest point in the city location, survey the surroundings, and then take a leap forward diving at a breakneck speed to the ground only to be saved by a well placed pile of hay. 

Needless to say, for the big screen adaptation of the game, it's something the fans are going to expect the filmmakers to pay tribute to. As the below video shows, the filmmakers don't plan to disappoint. 

The video documents the highest on screen free fall jump to be performed in over 35 years. Damien Walters, performed the insane stunt which sees him jump from a platform onto an inflatable device 125 feet below. It's almost nerve wrecking to watch and all you can do is be in awe at the extremes stuntmen are willing to go to get the perfect shot. 

Via Uproxx