Although we might know Arnold Schwarzenegger from the likes of Predator, Terminator 2: Judgement Day or even his comedic work like Twins or Kindergarten Cop, he's been known to flex his dramatic biceps now and then.

Maggie, for example, was a post-apocalyptic drama about an aging father and his young daughter, who's been infected with a zombie-like virus and is slowly turning into one. While it didn't get a huge release, Schwarzenegger was praised for not only moving out of his comfort zone, but also for his strong performance as well.

Aftermath is based on the true story of Uberlingen mid-air collision in 2002. Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a Russian architect who lost both his wife and daughter in the accident and who later hunted down the air traffic controller - played by Scoot McNairy - that he deemed personally responsible.

It's dark stuff, to be sure, but it's interesting to see Schwarzenegger finally branching out into different areas. 

Take a look.