As part of Variety’s Actors on Actors series, Andrew Garfield, star of the upcoming Silence and Hacksaw Ridge, and Amy Adams, who is in two films out in cinemas now, Arrival and Nocturnal Animals, talked about their careers.

One of the most interesting points to come out of their conversation was something they share in common – both have played a role in a superhero movie. Andrew Garfield played Spider-Man (a role which is now in the hands of Tom Holland) in two of Marvel’s movies while Amy Adams has played Lois Lane in two DC/Warner Brothers movies.

As much as critics often have one thing or another to say about these kinds of roles, both actors have some pretty interesting observations on how they themselves felt playing the characters.

While Adams talked about feeling like her character was serving the story, rather than vice versa (‘In a perfect universe, they all work together. I always want to service the story, but I want to feel supported in the character as well’), Garfield felt that the character he had dressed up as since he was three got ‘compromised’ and he felt ‘heartbroken’ as a result.

Watch the fascinating conversation here: