Disaster movies have been around since the 70s and while the last offering we had in the genre was given some bit of charm with Dwayne Johnson taking the lead (the movie was San Andreas, in case you missed it), now Gerard Butler is taking on the feat.

Geostorm marks the directorial debut of Dean Devlin, who was a producer and writer behind Independence Day so he has gotten his feet wet in disaster flicks.

The movie has been described thusly: “After an unprecedented series of natural disasters threatened the planet, the world’s leaders came together to create an intricate network of satellites to control the global climate and keep everyone safe.

“But now, something has gone wrong—the system built to protect the Earth is attacking it, and it’s a race against the clock to uncover the real threat before a worldwide geostorm wipes out everything...and everyone along with it.”

Butler stars as Jake, a scientist who, along with his brother, Max, played by Jim Sturgess, is tasked with solving the satellite program’s malfunction. Abbie Cornish, Daniel Wu, Robert Sheehan, Ed Harris and Andy Garcia also star.

Check out the trailer here: