If there's one film that everyone's talking about this side of Christmas it's American Hustle, not least because it's jam packed with so many respected Hollywood actors. Sure where else would you find Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams and Christian Bale (to name but a few) on screen together eh?

As if the brilliant trailers weren't enough to drag us in hook line and sinker (even if we did have a little titter at the lads in their retro ensembles - the hair boys and girls, the hair) they've only gone and given us another seriously sweet teaser to make us long for December 13th even more than we already did.

Of course, American Hustle isn't the only star-powered offering coming our way over the next few months. Darren Aronofsky's biblical epic Noah (based on, you guessed it, the story of Noah and his arc) is due to sail into cinemas (don't worry, I tend to keep my coat on at all times these days) on March 28th 2014.

Starring Russell Crowe as the main man himself, the film features a supporting cast to die for. Who could say no to the likes of Anthony Hopkins, Jennifer Connelly and Ray Winstone? Add Emma Watson, Logan Lerman, and Douglas Booth to the list and you've got something for everyone, eh?

Get your first peek at Russell in action in this terrific little teaser, and keep your eyes peeled for the trailer, which is due to land rather soon.