One the most pressing questions that Alien fans hope will  be answered on when Alien: Covenant is released on May 12th is what became of Michael Fassbender's David and Noomi Rapace's Elizabeth Shaw. 

Well, because yesterday was Alien Day, 20th Century Fox decided to release a little Alien: Covenant prologue online which goes some way to explaining what they did next. 

Whether or not this will still form part of Alien: Covenant is unknown but at lease we're a little bit more clued in now about the last remaining crew members of the good ship, Prometheus. Elizabeth Shaw put David back together (which is very kind considering what he did) and the pair set out in search for answers. It looks like they're about the find a lot more than they bargained for.

We'll have to wait and see how this all fits into the Alien: Covenant story but it's intriguing to say the least.