Adam Sandler, man. What happened?

Happy Gilmore, The Wedding Singer, Billy Madison, The Waterboy - all decent enough comedies.

Then you had Jack & Jill, Blended, Click, That's My Boy, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry.

Where are we now? Adam Sandler is a cobbler who, when he puts on someone else's shoes, he becomes them.

That's right - it's Freaky Friday, but with shoes. This is where Adam Sandler is at.

For some reason, however, the trailer suggests it's a wacky, screw-ball comedy but the footage in it makes it look like some sort of indie dramedy piece.

It's directed by Thomas MacCarthy, who did the criminally-underseen The Station Agent and Win Win, so that's something.

We're confused, but honestly - it's Adam Sandler. He's dead to us since Jack & Jill.

Watch the trailer if you care.