Although people will know Adam Driver from either his time on HBO's Girls or, more recently, Kylo Ren in The Force Awakens, the young actor's had an interesting path to his career.

Before Driver was murdering childhood icons (still not over it, to be honest) with lightsabers, the 32-year old actor served in the United States Marine Corps as a mortar operator. Whilst there, Driver learned a lot of valuable lessons that carried over into his acting and, more importantly, opened his experience to acting.

In his TED Talk, Driver discusses the differences between military life and civilian life and his own organisation, Arts In The Armed Forces. As well as this, Driver also discusses the mindset of an actor as compared to that of someone in the military and how the two are more in common than one would realise.

Take eighteen minutes out and give it a watch because it's pretty fascinating.



Via YouTube / TED