We're big fans of Neill Blomkamp, especially that ill-fated Alien film he was working on.

Chappie, his latest offering, sees a police enforcement robot gain sentience and intelligence - which is good news for scientist Dev Patel and bad news for evil coroporate type Hugh Jackman.

Set in the near-future, robots have replaced almost all law enforcement. Dev Patel finds a damaged robot that, for whatever reason, has the ability to understand and think like a human.

A human child, but still.

Obviously, that's not good for the corporation that builds them so Chappie, the name given to him by Dev Patel, goes on the run with weird-ass musicians Die Antwoord.

It looks like a cross between Robocop, District 9 and Short Circuit - that great 80's movie about Johnny 5. Remember? Johnny 5 is alive! No? Anyways.

Chappie will be released in Irish cinemas some time in March.

In the meantime, here's the new action-packed trailer with a cameo by none other than CNN's Anderson Cooper.

Have a goo!