Christmas is a time for re-watching movie classics, and you can’t get more classic and iconic than The Breakfast Club.

The 1985 film from John Hughes isn’t limited to Christmas viewing, and should in fact seen by everyone, everywhere of every age (though it is particularly moving, of course, for younger audiences, such as its characters).

Following a special release of the movie by The Criterion Collection, a deleted scene from the flick has surfaced online having been shared by Vulture.

In the clip, Molly Ringwald and Ally Sheedy’s characters are together in the girls’ bathroom where Ringwald’s character Claire comments on Sheedy’s Allison weird habits. The never-before-seen encounter is so typical of the two characters that fans are sure to love it.


Criterion Collection’s special edition of the film includes 50 minutes of previously unreleased scenes, so here’s hoping more brand new footage is revealed from the popular teen pic soon.