This year's award season is the gift that keeps on giving.

After the Oscars fiasco and pretty much everything that happened there, there's another award ceremony f*ck-up that has people talking. The German Film Awards was - allegedly - duped by a pair of prank comedians into believing that Ryan Gosling was going to attend to collect his award for Best Actor.

A report by Variety has it that Germany's Goldene Kamera Awards were so desperate to book Gosling for the event that they agreed to a number of demands - which included not meeting the host or walking the red carpet - that prevented anyone from scrutinising the impersonator beforehand. Not only that, the demands included Gosling being allowed a team of handlers and security around him, all of which was for the express purpose of keeping him obscured until the very last moment.

It's hard to know if the organisers behind the Goldene Kamera Awards were in on the joke, as the crowd reactions - particularly Colin Farrell and Jane Fonda - show that nobody knew what was happening.

Here's the live video of what happened.

The whole thing was planned out by a German TV comedy show called CircusHalliGalli, who found a chef from Munich named Ludwig Lehner, that documented the whole thing for their show. However, after the event took place, the hosts of the Goldene Kamera Awards were forced to apologise to the audience for the prank.

Here's the subtitled video of how they managed to pull it all off.



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