It's pretty fair to say that the reaction to the new Ghostbusters trailer was mixed at best.

While some people have reservations about trying to resurrect the entire thing, others have had less than good things to say about the comedy on display in the trailer. Of course, we're all hoping and praying that the film turns out to be much, much better than what we saw.

In fact, a lot of what made the Ghostbusters trailer so tepid was the poor editing. Sure enough, one fan sprung into action and decided to do a little judicious editing on the thing and made it much, much better.

For comparison, here's the original...

...and here's the re-cut version.

Much better, right? Basically, YouTuber Bevan Bell removed the slapstick humour and kept it to the talky, wry humour of the original. The rotating head of Melissa McCarthy? Gone. Leslie Jones being a sassy sidekick? Out.

Now, sure enough, those same points that rankled us when we first saw it may still be there, but this is a huge improvement on what we saw. Plus, context is key for comedy. That rotating head thing might be much funnier when placed into the larger scene.

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Via YouTube