We've been following Kung Fury for some time, especially with the news that DAVID HASSELHOFF (!) was on the soundtrack.

If you know nothing about Kung Fury, allow us to fill in the blanks.

Kung Fury was a Kickstarter that raised over €630,000 by 17,000 people and, believe it or not, has received over 1.5 MILLION views in the space of a single day.

The 30-minute short film, which features a killer robot that gives the finger whenever it shoots lasers - yes, really - is being hailed by various critics as an example of how crowd-funding projects can work wonders for niche filmmakers.

We've watched the first ten minutes and we can tell you right now - it's amazing.

If this isn't seriously entered in the Best Short Film category at next year's Oscars, there is no justice in this damn world.


Via YouTube