Oh, Highlander. What an absolute mess of a film, and yet, we still absolutely love it.

Christopher Lambert, a French-American actor playing a Scottish chieftain next to Sean Connery, who's playing a Spanish-Egyptian metallurgist for King Charles V. Meanwhile, you've got Clancy Brown - yes, him from The Shawshank Redemption or Spongebob Squarepants - as an alien warlord known as The Kurgan. All three men must battle until there is only one, and it all revolves around decapitation by a sword.

All set to the music of Queen. Incredible stuff.

Although it wasn't well-received upon its initial release back in 1986, Highlander's still managed to hang tough in popular culture and spawned a number of sequels and both a TV series and an animated series. Yeah, we're just as shocked as you.

Anyway, it's closing in on the 30th anniversary of Highlander's release and, sure enough, it's due for a 4K Restoration and a limited cinematic release. We'll be checking in with Irish distributors to see if it's getting an Irish release, but it most definitely will be available for Blu-Ray and DVD from July 11th.

Here's the restored trailer, complete with glass-shattering effects and Queen's incredible soundtrack.