Although Gal Gadot was announced as Wonder Woman more than a few months ago, the long-awaited standalone film is still a long way from our cinemas.

Warner Bros., the studio behind the upcoming Batman v Superman film, have said that they're still eager to make a standalone Wonder Woman film. The heroine will make her first appearance in the upcoming film, however no specific date has been set for her own film.

What's more, Warner Bros. have said that they want a woman to direct the film. 

Marvel previously had lined up Patty Jenkins, director of the Oscar-winning drama Monster, to direct Thor: The Dark World. However, she left the project due to creative differences and was replaced by Game of Thrones' Alan Taylor.

No woman has directed a tentpole, comic-book blockbuster since they began and it's high time we had one.

After all, audiences for comic-book movies are fairly evenly split between men and women. Not only that, the idea that women directors lack experience in the genre doesn't wash. First-time directors such as Wally Pfister have been handed massive budgets and given full studio backing, so why not let (gasp) a woman take a shot at directing a superhero film.

Who would we like to direct Wonder Woman? Kathryn Bigelow seems like an obvious choice, but personally, we'd like to see Patty Jenkins give it a bash. Thor: The Dark World was fine, but a little bland and we've always wondered how her version of the film would have played out.