Well, there is a reason, but our guess is John Malkovich was asked to do this, was told that David Lynch was involved and said yes because who's says no to David Lynch?

Nobody, that's who. Chumps say no to David Lynch. Malkovich will star in a series of short videos that can be accessed by donating to the David Lynch Foundation that see him recreate famous scenes from his work, specifically Eraserhead, Blue Velvet, Lost Highway and Twin Peaks. As far as we can tell, INLAND EMPIRE and Mulholland Drive were left out, which is a shame because Mulholland Drive is apparently The Greatest Film Of All Time, according to critics.

Anyway, the videos also feature the music of David Lynch as performed by Flaming Lips and previous collaborator Angelo Badalamenti and all funds raised go to David Lynch's work with Transcendental Meditation.

Come on, it's David Lynch. Here's a taster of what's in store and you can find out everything about the video series over here.