To celebrate the release of his new Ryan Gosling-starrer Only God Forgives, director Nicholas Winding Refn has specially selected a group of movies that will rattle your brain with their implicit violence and controversial storylines.

We'll leave it to the man himself to explain why these movies were so special to him: "I'm a pornographer. I make films about what arouses me. What I want to see. Very rarely to understand why I want to see it and I've learned not to become obsessed with that part of it."

Anyone who has seen any of his previous works, including Bronson, Valhalla Rising and the hugely popular Drive, you'll know that this guy knows how to "arouse" the viewer's brain, by using any means necessary, and if these are the movies that arouse his, then we're on to a good thing here:

The Manchurian Candidate - John Frankenheimer - Aug 3rd 16.05 & Aug 5th 18.20
Santa Sangre - Alejandro Jodorowsky - Aug 7th 20.30 & Aug 10th 13.30
Ashes of Time Redux - Wong Kar Wai - August 13th 20.50
Drive - Nicolas Winding Refn - Aug 14th 18.30
Bangkok Dangerous - The Pang Brothers - Aug 21st 20.45
Wild at Heart - David Lynch - Aug 25th 15.30 & Aug 26th 18.15
Enter the Void - Gaspar Noé - Aug 28th 20.15 & Aug 31st 15.15
Tokyo Drifter - Seijun Suzuki - Aug 29th 18.30 & Aug 31st 18.30
Richard Kern Programme - Richard Kern - Aug 29th 20.30 & Aug 31st 13.15

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