Mark Wahlberg is to star in another buddy movie, after the recent success of his collaboration with Will Ferrell in The Other Guys.

According to, Wahlberg will star in Family Guy creator, Seth MacFarlane's directorial debut, Ted. The film will see the man who talked to a plastic tree in The Happening, play someone who wished his teddy bear came alive when he was a kid - which it does. Years later and the two are still best buds, but the bear is a slacker, and is holding him back from stuff in his own life. MacFarlane, who voices a bunch of characters in Family Guy and his other shows, will lend his vocal cords to the CGI bear.

That could either be comedy gold, or a complete and utter disaster. Wahlberg will next be seen in Oscar bait, The Fighter, for which he and co-star Christian Bale are getting a lot of early praise.

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