While out promoting The Happening (where, quite frankly, not a lot happens) Mark Wahlberg has been waxing lyrical about his currently shooting Max Payne adaptation.  The actor told MTV "I read the script and said either somebody got really creative or it’s actually more like a movie than most games," Then added "Max Payne is not a one-trick pony. It’s probably one of the edgier roles I’ve played but also the most layered. Here’s a very happy guy who worked a dismal job, had a beautiful family. But the beauty in his life was taken away. He just goes on a rampage. It’s all driven by emotion." This is the type of role that the square jawed leading man was born to pay, and with Irish director John Moore calling the shots and the adorable Mila Kunis (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) also starring, we’re proper looking forward to this one.