As one of our favourite European movies of the year so far, we're delighted with the news that, given the BALTIC weather we're experiencing of late, we can now enjoy Turn Me On Goddammit from the comfort of our cosy couch. Yep, our pals at Volta have done us a service once more by streaming the film online. Distributed in Ireland by Element Pictures, this flick will be available on Volta nationwide to watch at home on the same day it hits cinemas (that's tomorrow!). Find out more about how to watch the film online here -

If there's one Norwegian teen movie you'll see this year…etc. Reversing the roles of teen movie tropes - it's the girls that are gagging for it here - Turn Me On, Dammit works hard to set itself out from the herd but then succumbs to an easy climax. Pun intended. To read Gav's full review head over yonder.