It's been 9 years since The Chronicles of Riddick hit our cinema screens, but US cinema goers can look forward to catching up with Vin Diesel's escaped convict in September 2013.

Riddick, the third installment in the sci-fi franchise, sees our Vin left for dead on a desolate planet, fighting some pretty vicious aliens in order to survive. There's only one way to escape, and it just so happens that it requires him to let the bounty hunters, who've been chasing him for a while now, know where he is.

The actor gave fans their first sneak peek at the movie when he posted an image online a while back, so it seemed fitting that he was the one who gave them their first teaser trailer. He uploaded the short clip to Facebook, saying: "As promised... the first look teaser to this year's Riddick! GRRRR"

There's no official Irish release date set for the movie just yet, but we're sure it'll hit our shores eventually.