Who knew Robert De Niro was such a softy. When you think of him in Goodfellas, Casino and The Godfather, you just cannot imagine he'd ever be capable of shedding a tear. Not when he finds it that easy to whack somebody and shove them in the back of his chevy. Ahh, but we must remember, these are movies and not real life. *bangsheadoffdesk*

The 2013 Oscar nominee was moved to tears when discussing his latest movie, Silver Linings Playbook (for which he received the nomination. The movie itself has been nominated for 8 Academy Awards). It was on Katie Couric's popular chat show, along with director David O'Russell and Bradley Cooper when Mr. De Niro found himself overcome with emotion. Director O'Russell was chatting about his son who has suffered from a similar mood disorder to what Bradley Cooper's character in the movie experiences. Katie then asked De Niro whether the truth to the director's story added more weight to his role, if it was an added pressure.

DeNiro replied: "Oh, of course...I don't like to get emotional... But I know exactly what he's going through." With emotions stirring, Robert DeNiro couldn't help but get a little choked up. David O'Russell then jumped in: "When I first was in his apartment and I was talking to him about the screenplay, this is what happened...I thought he was having hay fever and I realised he was having an emotional reaction. I sat there and I watched Robert De Niro cry for 10 minutes."

Nice to know these folk are humans after all!